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The Plastic EP Show from Australia, featuring an interview with Pete Santora.
Send Her Home
You Can't Stay Here
Quality Time
Merry Christmas from Pete and Glamsters
Come Together - "The Apple Jam" @ May Pang's Birthday Party 10-24-2010
Unrehearsed pickup jam from Gibson Guitar Studios in NYC. Featuring Pete Santora - Lead Vocals & Guitar, Jimmy McElligott - Lead Guitar & Vocals, Shannon MacDonald- Bass, Benny Harrison - Piano, Jeff Slate - Backing Vocals & Matty Amendola - Drums.
Myles Mancuso and Pete Santora
Mojo Myles' Birthday party at Keegan Ales 01Oct2010
May Pang's Memorial Weekend BBQ Jam 2009
Start of the afternoon jam with Matty Amendola, Frankie Vinci, Pete Santora, Roberta Fabiano, Susie Collins, Christine Ohlman and Dennis Ferrante
I Love This Country and Country Music
Small town guy with a dream sets out for Nashville to sell his songs.

An original song by Pete Santora.

May Pang BBQ Jam Another righteous jam session at Miss Magical May Pang's house on Labor Day 2006. Note legendary drummer Billy Cobham, Beatlemania's Pete Santora, and Lez Zeppelin bassist Lisa Brigantino. Jonny "Mojo" Moorehead is on harp and vocals.